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Ethical Commitment


  • As a service provider playing an important role in the purchase chain of international and domestic industrial products, Enertic is deeply aware of our responsibilities and the influence of our activities.

  • Weare committed to our clients/ suppliers / employees as following:

  • Moral behavior:In commercial activities, always abide by moral code of conduct, and assume social responsibility.

  • Laws and regulations:In commercial activities, fully comply with relevant laws and regulations of China and the country involved.

  • Environment, health and safety:Continuously make efforts to improve the performance in the environment, health and safety.

  • Labor:Comply with relevant laws and regulations of China and the country involved, implement fair and equitable treatment for employees, promise no discrimination in the working area, do not use any form of forced labor, respect for human rights and provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees.

  • Intellectual property rights: Comply with all relevant laws, regulations and international treaties on intellectual property rights, without infringing upon the intellectual property rights of clients or any third party in commercial activities.

  • Professional:We provide professional services, and make conclusions based on our professional background. Ensure the working process is in accordance with regulations of standards, and check data are professional and correct. The results of the tests are based on the standards, specifications, drawings and professional knowledge we have obtained.

  • Objective:We always maintain the test data obtained are what we actually see without any subjective speculation, and having confirmed no misunderstanding with relevant personnel. Our inspection report will present the situation of manufacturers in fully objective position, and offer actual feedback to clients with objective pictures facts-based text description.

  • Improper interests:It is not allowed to require suppliers to pay over fees directly or indirectly for employees of Enertic, provide excessive entertainment or other benefits, and obtain any improper benefits.

  • Management system: Develop appropriate management system, and designaterepresentatives of the company responsible for it so as to ensure the management system is in line with relevant laws and regulations and relevant requirements of Enertic.

  • Continuous improvement: Work hard to keep on improving the capability to provide reliable, cost-effective and innovative services to clients.

  • Adhere to this policy: Supervise the implementation of the policy, find out any situation in contrary to this specification incommercial activities, and timely develop and implement improvement measures to ensure compliance.

  • Whether you are our customers, suppliers, employees or any other third party personnel,  if you find behaviors of Enertic's employees in violation of the above commitment, please inform us by the following ways:

  • Tel:+86(10)6438 4498

  • Email:ethic@enertic.com

  • Beijing ENERTIC Engineering Technical Co., Ltd.

  • General Manager:wangxianqiao.png

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