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Why Choose Enertic?

To choose Enertic means you choose a partner with rich experience and conscientiousness. Enertic is committed to providing clients with more intimate service experience, and a full range of professional services for clients in the procurement in China.



Enertic is a typical technology-oriented enterprise with the management to front-line staff being all professional engineers with a wealth of manufacturing experience. All employees of the company have university degree or above.

Enertic's engineers respect technology, understanding technology and are good at using technology, and think and solve problems from the perspective of technology.


Service Experience for Global Clients 

Since its inception, Enertic has been committed to providing clients with professional quality inspection, expediting, procurement and quality improvement and other professional services in line with international norms.

Enertic has won the trust of many clients around the world with understanding of clients' needs and providing considerate services of high quality for all the clients with their professional knowledge.  


Quality Vision

Familiar with various types of domestic and international standards related to industrial products manufacturing, Enertic can accurately understand and apply these standards to make our services better meet clients’ demands for the quality of projectsall over the world.

Enertic's engineers strictly comply with standards and specifications, and complete work and reports with independent and objective attitude.


Deep Understanding “Made in China”

Working with Chinese manufacturing factories for several years, Enertic provides comprehensive quality improvement services for factories, and has audited hundreds of factories, which brings profound understanding of characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of factories, and a good communication environment with them.

The factories are willing to listen to advices of Enertic’s experts and to continuously improve product quality, providing products complying with requirements for clients and jointly improving reputation of "Made in China".


Communication Ability

With good communication ability, our engineers work with clients all over the world on issues arising in work to get to know the quality culture around the world.


Dynamic Team

Enertic has an energetic team of engineers with different professional backgrounds and rich experience in the industry. We uphold an open and transparent working environment.

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