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About us


Who Are We?

Beijing ENERTIC Engineering Technical Co., Ltd. provides technical advisory services for fields of industry, such as power system, mining, petrochemical and transportation. We enable our clients to continue to achieve the most important strategic objectives - "good quality, timely delivery, and competitive price" in the supply chain. Over the past ten years, the company has been growing with this mission since its establishment in 2003.

Enertic management system has passed the ISO9001 certification. Our clients are from around the world, with about 30% from Europe, about 20% from North America, 30% from Asia and Oceania (including Australia), 20% from China. Enertic is a quality inspection and technical service provider registered and recognized by among many world-class clients in the field of industry, such as General Electric in America, Alstom in Europe, Rio Tinto in Australia, Babcock & Wilcox in America, Suez in France, Sumitomo in Japan, SK in South Korea.

What We Do?

Enertic’s service covers all stages of the supply chain, including: quality inspection, supplier sourcing and procurement, supplier audit, progress expediting, quality improvement and technology consulting.

An excellent team of engineers is the cornerstone for Enertic to provide services for clients. Human resources system, training mechanism and cultural environment of the company make our engineers grow even more outstanding and professional in their own specialties!

Enertic has a technology-oriented team composed of engineers, covering the following expertise: metal materials, casting, forging, welding, heat treatment, machining, non-destructive testing, electrical, instrumentation, chemical corrosion and other relevant major. We are proficient in various aspects of manufacturing!

We have carefully studied various international and domestic standards, such as AWS, ISO, EN, ASME, ASTM, RCCM, API, AS, AAR etc. and GB, JB, NB, DL…

Prior to taking actions, our engineers carefully read drawings, technical specifications, ITP, procedures in a bid to understand various details as required by the client orders.

Our engineers will carefully inspect the dimension of products and weld appearance quality, record technical parameters of tests we have witnessed in efforts to evaluate whether the test conclusions are in line with technical requirements clients and suppliers agree on, we will check products quantity and check actual progress schedule as per the schedule..., all of which are to ensure the customer orders meet with requirements of quality and delivery. If there is non-conformity, we will let the clients know what happens in the first time, and work with our clients and suppliers on solutions for the roots of problems, and then take actions to deal with them! Throughout the process, we are not only the party of "witness", but also a strong support for our clients in quality and delivery of products!

In the procurement stage, the suppliers which Enertic recommends not only have the price competitiveness, and more importantly, they understand the demands for quality. Our suppliers audit services will ensure that our customers to be more relaxed and confident in the signing of contracts!

Our Experience

In the power system field, we have provided quality inspection and expediting services of products with values over billions of dollars for nearly a hundred domestic and international power stations, including thermal power stations, hydropower stations, combined cycle power stations, garbage incineration power generation, biomass power generation, wind power generation, and solar power generation.

In the nuclear power field, it includes Taishan Nuclear Power Plant and Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant. We also provide quality and progress control services for the nuclear island hosts of Fangchenggang "Hualong No. 1" demonstration project, which is the third generation of nuclear power station with independent intellectual property right in China, becoming the benchmark of the Chinese nuclear power and “Made in China”.

In the mining engineering and machinery field, the 230 tons of mining trucks with quality control taken responsible by Enertic and exported to Australia has become a landmark project in China's engineering machinery, pioneering the precedent for the export of large engineering machinery of China. The project has been widely reported in the CCTV’s famous documentary Weighing Equipment in a Big Power.

In the transportation field, by far, our engineers have successfully controlled the quality of thousands of freight railcar carriages on behalf of clients, most of which are manufactured by CRRC Corporation Limited and exported to Australia and the rest of the world; at the same time, the CP B class products of weld grades with quality control implemented by our engineers according to EN15085 are applied to Morocco high-speed rail RGV and Paris metro MI09 and many other international projects.

Whatever challenges and situations, Enertic always goes together with our clients. Proficient in quality, technology and manufacturing, we will continue to help clients to keep pursuing the strategic goal of "good quality, timely delivery, and competitive price”!

Beijing ENERTIC Engineering Technical Co., Ltd.

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